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SCC Bylaws

Article I – Name

Copperview Elementary School Community Council (SCC)

Article II – Laws

All Utah School Community Councils function under the following laws and statutes:

Utah Code Ann.

  • §52-4-1, et seq.
  • §53A-1a-108
  • §53A-1a-108.5
  • §53A-16-101.5
  • §53A-1-606.5
  • §53A-3-402
  • §3A-3-701
  • §53A-6-101
  • §53A-6-104

Utah Administrative Code

  • Title 52; Chapter 04 – Open and Public Meetings Act
  • R277-477-1, et seq.
  • R277-491-1, et seq.

Canyons School District Policy

  • Section: K-School Community-Home Relations; School Community Councils; File No.KCE

Article III – Standing Rules

  1. Elections for SCC representatives will be held prior to the September SCC meeting, but after the start of each school
    1. If there are more candidates than available seats, two alternates will be selected from the remaining candidates in the order of the number of votes received. They will be appointed as voting members of the council if a seat is vacated prior to the next
  2. Unless otherwise specified in Rules of Order & Procedure and approved by an SCC prior to elections, council membership is: at least 4 parent members, and at least 2 school employee members (including principal) for an elementary or middle/jr. high school.  The School Community Council must have a 2-parent majority. This number adheres to Utah Code:
    1. 53A-1a-108 (4)(a)(ii) each school community council for a school other than a high school shall have four parent or guardian members and three school employee members, including the principal, and
    2. 53-1a-108 (4)(c)(ii) A school community council may have a smaller membership provided that: (A) the number of parent or guardian members exceeds the number of school employee members; and (B) there are at least two school employee members on the school community
  3. Members (parents and employees) have an expectation of
    1. If a member cannot attend a scheduled meeting, notification should be given to the Chair prior to the meeting
    2. If an SCC member misses three meetings during a given school year, the member will be asked to provide a written letter of resignation and the respective group (parent or employee) will appoint a replacement. The SCC will ratify any available alternate members appointment to the vacated
    3. If no alternates are available to serve, the SCC may seek parents or school employees to be
  4. A quorum is defined as a majority of member with the stipulation that the majority must follow the legal composition of the council and have, at minimum, one more parent member than employee member present to
  5. The Copperview Elementary School Community Council will meet every month, starting in September and ending in May. The majority of the council must approve cancelling a meeting or calling additional
  6. The Copperview School Community Council will use USBE SCC Rules of Order to conduct meetings.
  7. Officers will be elected by the SCC at the September/October meeting each school year. The current Chair will serve through the summer months, assist with SCC elections, conduct the September
    1. Chair: Conducts the meetings. Other duties as outline in Canyons District
    2. Vice-Chair: works with the Chair and conducts the meeting in the absence of the Chair. This position will be elected from either the parent or school employee group, which is not represented by the
    3. Secretary: Takes notes at the meeting and creates the minutes for approval by the SCC.
    4. Trust Land Committee-3 parents recommended
    5. Literature Selection Committee-2 parents are recommended
  8. Guest may share appropriate input on subjects that fall under the SCC purview. A patron may bring a topic to the SCC by contacting the Chair at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting and asking to be added to the agenda. The SCC may invite any person/group to make a presentation on issues pertinent to the role of the
  9. These Bylaws will be posted on the SCC page of the school website. Each SCC member will read and agree to abide by the Bylaws as signified on their declaration of candidacy and at the beginning of each school year
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