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Important Information About Early Out Fridays


Classroom Teachers

Madison Cushing

Kindergarten Teacher

Email: madison.cushing@canyonsdistrict.org

Madilynn Gamaunt

Kindergarten Teacher

Email: madilynn.gamaunt@canyonsdistrict.org

Lauren Popp

Kindergarten Teacher

Email: lauren.popp@canyonsdistrict.org

Curtis Winkler

Kindergarten Teacher

Email: curtis.winkler@canyonsdistrict.org

Sarah Hansen

1st Grade Teacher

Email: sarah.hansen@canyonsdistrict.org

Pamela Schuller

1st Grade Teacher

Email: pamela.schuller@canyonsdistrict.org

Emily Walker

1st Grade Teacher

Email: emily.walker@canyonsdistrict.org

Lynsie Allen

2nd Grade Teacher

Email: lynsie.allen@canyonsdistrict.org

Kathy Morgan

2nd Grade Teacher

Email: kathy.morgan@canyonsdistrict.org

Abigail Rockefeller

2nd Grade Teacher

Email: abigail.rockefeller@canyonsdistrict.org

Louisa Ludovic

3rd Grade Teacher

Email: louisa.ludovic@canyonsdistrict.org

Selma Moric

3rd Grade Teacher

Email: selma.moric@canyonsdistrict.org

Rebekah Peterson

3rd Grade Teacher

Email: rebekah.peterson@canyonsdistrict.org

Memory Aviles

4th Grade Teacher

Email: memory.aviles@canyonsdistrict.org

Hannah Collins

4th Grade Teacher

Email: hannah.collins@canyonsdistrict.org

Sarah Wright

4th Grade Teacher

Email: sarah.wright@canyonsdistrict.org

Christopher Brown

5th Grade Teacher

Email: christopher.brown@canyonsdistrict.org

Lynda Mcbride

5th Grade Teacher

Email: lynda.mcbride@canyonsdistrict.org

Special Education Teachers and Related Services

Felipe Martin

Special Education Teacher

Email: felipe.martin@canyonsdistrict.org

Martha Mathieu

Special Education Teacher

Email: martha.mathieu@canyonsdistrict.org

Alyssa Cardona

Para Educator

Email: alyssa.cardona@canyonsdistrict.org

Lavelle Conner

Para Educator

Email: lavelle.conner@canyonsdistrict.org

Riann Lutz

School Psychologist

Email: riann.lutz@canyonsdistrict.org

Candace Madsen

Para Educator

Email: candace.madsen@canyonsdistrict.org

Emily Reed

Speech and Language Pathologist

Email: emily.reed@canyonsdistrict.org

Silvia Yanagui

Para Educator

Email: silvia.yanagui@canyonsdistrict.org

Instructional Support Services

Patricia Ellison

Instructional Coach

Email: patricia.ellison@canyonsdistrict.org

Terilyn Hixson

Instructional Coach

Email: terilyn.hixson@canyonsdistrict.org

Wanda Akers

Title I Assistant

Email: wanda.akers@canyonsdistrict.org

Lourdes Bybee

Title I Assistant

Email: lourdes.bybee@canyonsdistrict.org

Vanessa Romero

Title I Assistant

Email: vanessa.romero@canyonsdistrict.org

Sarah Seamans

Title I Assistant

Email: sarah.seamans@canyonsdistrict.org

Cheyenne Thorsen

Title I Assistant

Email: cheyenne.thorsen@canyonsdistrict.org

Brain Booster Technicians

Tyler Hoecherl

Art Instructional Technician

Email: tyler.hoecherl@canyonsdistrict.org

Tonya Rhodes

Library Media Technician

Email: tonya.rhodes@canyonsdistrict.org

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