8449 South 150 West, Midvale, UT 84047

September 19, 2023 – Minutes


Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Copperview Elementary Conference Room

Agenda Items:

  • School Community Council Election Results – Welcome!
    • Colleen Smith – Principal
    • Greg Platner – 5th Grade – Employee Year 2 Term
    • Sarah Hansen – Kindergarten – Employee Year 1 Term 
    • Stephanie Dickey, parent of Charlotte and Jacob Dickey (3rd Grade)
    • Katie Grell, parent of Charlotte Grell (1st Grade)
    • Raul Maggiolo, parent of Nicole Maggiolo Castillo (3rd grade)
    • Beth Martial, parent of Jean Philippe Martial (1st Grade)
    • Shanice Mineer, parent of Graicee Holbrook (3rd Grade)
    • Lauren Richards, parent of Theo Richards (Kindergarten)

  • SCC Meeting Schedule for the 2023-2024 School Year
    • September 18, 3:30PM
    • October 17, 3:30PM
    • November 21, 3:30PM
    • December 19, 3:30PM
    • January 16, 3:30PM
    • February 20, 3:30PM
    • March 19, 3:30PM
    • April 16, 3:30PM
    • May 21, 3:30PM

  • Elect a Chair and ViceChair
    • Each year the Council elects a Chair and Vice chair
      • Council nominates Stephanie Dickey for Chair
      • Council nominates Lauren Richards for Vice Chair
    • UPDATED-District Creating a Council and First Meeting
      • New training video describes roles and responsibilities
      • We need to select half of the parent members to be “Year 2 Members” and half to be “Year 1 Members.”
        • Year 2 would be up for reelection next year
          • Move to next month’s agenda

  • Review rules of order – Approved USBE rules (updated SCC bylaws on website)

  • Review bylaws – on website
    • Committee consideration to change wording of the following currently in our bylaws: The number of School Community Council members will be limited to 10 parent representatives and 4 school employee members, 
      • Feedback was that it is unclear. Is it limited up to 10 or must be 10?
    • One suggestion for change would be adjusting to Utah’s default criteria, if not stated otherwise is school bylaws/Rules of Order:
      • SCC suggestion: Unless otherwise specified in Rules of Order & Procedure and approved by an SCC prior to elections, council membership is: at least 4 parent members, and at least 2 school employee members (including principal) for an elementary or middle/jr. high school. The School Community Council must have a 2-parent majority.

  • School Plan updates
    • Funding is based on enrollment, our enrollment is lower than anticipated as well.  Currently, 345 students, about 100 students less than last year. We anticipated about 50 less. 
    • LandTrust funding allocated is $57,058.75 for 2023-2024 compared to $56,854 last year.
      • Schools were told to anticipate additional funding, but recognizing that our enrollment would be down, we used last year’s allocation of $56,854 for planning.

  • Request to move $3000 cell tower funds to principal discretionary funds

  • Approve Next Month’s Agenda
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