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PTA Minutes – October 13, 2023

Copperview Elementary School

October 2023, PTA Meeting Minutes

General Meeting


Date, Time, Location: October 13, 2023, 9:00am in the break room

Meeting called to order by:  Tara Roner(Treasure) at 9:10am

Attendance: Josie McClendon,Tara Ronér, Lizeth Flores, Yazmin Mendoza, Sandra Mendoza, Anyerin Nuñez, Candace Troyes, Amanda Hansen, Silvana De La Cruz, Jorge Jimenez, Tonya Rhodes, Colleen Smith, Jenna Landward & Lorrie Judd


New Business

Introductions of Members:

Scholastic Dollars – There is $117.00 in our account.  Jenna said she would like to use some of the credits for “Reading Across America” Week.  Books are not needed for the vending machine that’s in the library, they are in a good spot right now.  To get a book from the vending machine the students earn a gold coin by showing effort each month in class

Classic Family Skate Nights – Our first night this year is tonight from 5-9pm

Trunk or Treat – Josie and Lorrie will do a car together and provide their own candy.  It was posted on ParentSquare for the parents to donate wrapped candy for this event.  We would need about 200 pieces per car

Red Ribbon Week(Oct. 30 – Nov. 3)

  • 30th – We scare drugs away, Crazy Hair Day
  • 31st – Drugs can haunt your life, Halloween Costumes
  • 1st – Hocus Pocus, Keep your dreams in focus, Wear your
  • Copperview T-Shirt
  • 2nd – Sock it to drugs!, Crazy Sock Day
  • 3rd – Drugs are a nightmare, Wear Your Pajamas

Café Zupas Night – November 8 from 4-9pm.  It was suggested that we have some other businesses besides Zupas.  Maybe:  Raising Cains, Papa Murphy’s and Culver’s.  The PTA will look into those suggestions and report at the next meeting

 No Fuss Fundraiser (March 4-14th) – We need to start collecting New Pajamas for the kids.  Some suggestions were:

  • Maybe there will be some good sales on Black Friday(day after Thanksgiving)
  • Maybe send out a survey on ParentSquare to get the kids sizes in each family(Jenna said she can tell us sizes)
  • Tara will look into seeing if she can get a grant from Walmart
  • Buddy-up with another school(maybe Jordan) to see if they will help us out
  • AnnaLisa Spencer – she was the passed PTA President of Butler Elementary School might be a good resource
  • Maybe have a drop-off spot at the Tyler Library so the community has a place for when the school is closed
  • Josie will make some shelf space in the PTA/P.E. Closet to help store them

PTA Board Members 2024-2025 School Year –
Josie would like to start finding members who would take over being President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The current board members do not have children currently at Copperview and Lorrie(Secretary) will be moving in June out of state 

Ideas to help people know about PTA –

  • Have a PTA Table at Back to School Night with sign-up sheets for each event and what help is needed.
  • Sign-up sheet for bringing food
  • Sign-up sheet for bringing candy

Student Safety –
It was brought up to Colleen by a parent that there is a possible aggressive student near the catwalk area picking on kids after school and there doesn’t seem to be any supervision. The same parent also commented that a couple of times she’s taken her first grade daughter in the morning to the back of the school, and there also doesn’t seem to be any supervision. Just after the school bell rang there were only a couple of other kids standing back there by themselves. She doesn’t feel comfortable if her daughter has to walk back around to the front of the school by herself to go through the front door.  Colleen said she would look into it because they do have a schedule of staff at various locations throughout the school before and after school outside 

Treasurer’s Report – We have $4,500 in our account 

Next Meeting – Friday, November 10th in the Staff Breakroom

Meeting Adjourned – 10:00am by Josie

Meeting Notes – Lorrie Judd

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