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Members Present:  Shawn Walker, Griselda Hernandez, Josie McClendon, Jeri Rigby

  1. Welcome & Celebrations
    1. Math night was a big success
    2. Literacy night plans are going well
    3. Kindness week – FLC involved in reading books focused              on Kindness
    4. Kids behaved well during the time volunteers were in the classroom reading the books
  1. Items to Consider
    1. Safety Drills
      1. February – Shelter-in-Place
        1. Focus on situational awareness. Went well in terms of the response of staff and students.  New DIR-S app has some implementation concerns.  Josie reports that her phone (Samsung) isn’t working well.  Footprint to help desk submitted. Discussed how to manage the situation with volunteers in the building.
        2. Follow up with FLC staff (Keyla) regarding the drill protocol.
      2. March – Hazardous Materials
      3. April – Earthquake
      4. Public Health Emergency (information for employees only)
    2. Revisit School Plan for Land Trust – Current Plan
    3. Teacher Student Success Plan (TSSP) Current Plan & Ideas for 2020-2021
      1. Copperview staff will increase the quality of instructional delivery and build positive relationships to support student growth at Copperview by working in effective teams and using academic and social-emotional data to make decisions.
      2. The SCC has been involved with the school plan and supports the identified goals.  One measure of the involvement is reflected in the SCC’s decision to allocate TSSA funds to support ELA with integrated ELD supports, including the purchase of  phonics program and training for the first and second grade teachers, as well as allocating resources for behavioral supports throughout the day and in the after school program.
        1. Discussed progress thus far at Copperview. Shared results in 90-day Plan. Reviewed data and discussed possible next steps.  Josie reports that as she subs she is seeing the kids respond better when using the program cards from Saxon.
    4. PTA President and Treasurer – Need a New President for 2020-2021
      1. Current – Josie McClendon, President, Angelica Hajarian , Treasurer, Nicole Esau, Secretary
      2. Need all positions – two of the three parents will not have students at Copperview next year – must have President & Treasurer
      3. Marketing
        1. Classtag – Jenna
        2. Fliers – Josie
        3. Skyalert – Shawn and Josie
  2. Upcoming Events (see February Newsletter for more information)
    1. Kindness Week -February 10-14
    2. Penny Wars Fundraiser – February 18-March 2
    3. All Pro Dad – February 21
    4. Mobile Food Bank – February 25
    5. Parent Teacher Conference – February 26-27
      1. Wednesday – PTA – soups by 3:00
    6. No School – February 28
    7. Literacy Night – March 3
    8. Moms Matter – March 13
    9. Census Week – March 16-20
    10. 5th Grade Maturation – March 18
    11. Mobile Food Banks – March 24 & 31 (twice this month)
  3. Tentative Meeting Schedule – Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30
    1. March 10
    2. April 14
    3. May 12
  4. Next Meetings Agenda Items
    1. Revisit School Plans as needed
  5.  Other
    1. consider a sign by Parking Lot with a
    2. left turn only – safety.  During certain times no left turn. – Talk with Kevin Ray and determine what options might be available for the sign
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