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PTA Minutes – November 10, 2023

Copperview Elementary School

November 10, 2023, PTA Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Date, Time, Location: November 10 2023, 9:00am in the break room

Meeting called to order by:  Lorrie Judd(Secretary) at 9:04am

Attendance: Josie McClendon, Yazmin Mendoza, Anyerin Nuñez, Ashley Backman, Candace Troyer,Tonya Rhodes, Colleen Smith, Jenna Landward & Lorrie Judd

Volunteer Hours for October:

Lorrie Judd – 20

Josie McClendon – 20

Candace Troyer – 1

Yazmin Mendoza – 1

Anyerin Nuñez – 1

New Business

Introductions of Members:

Visitor – Ashley Backman from the PTA Council came to support us.

Classic Family Skate Night – October 13th was our first skate night for the school year. According to Susan from Classic we did not have a very good attendance and she wondered why.  Lorrie told her she wasn’t sure.  We’ve had a lot of sickness in the classrooms, it was Friday the 13th, the Solar Eclipse was the next day and we have new school boundaries.  Susan offered us a replacement night which Lorrie scheduled for Thursday, November 30th from 5-9pm.  Ashley asked if we had a sponsor who helps pay for the upgrades or skates/scooters?  Lorrie said no and Ashley said Silcox Orthodontics has sponsored other PTA’s.  Ashley will check with Silcox and get back to either Josie or Lorrie.

PTA Volunteer Hours- Jenna has asked that All PTA Hours are inputted into the computer in the office.  When the Family Learning Center ladies are doing things for Kayla, those are not PTA hours.  For PTA hours, it can be hours for the PTA that are done at home or at the school

Holiday Treat Bar – Friday, December 15?  This will be for the staff.  We passed around a signup sheet.  Anyerin Nuñez, Yazmin Mendoza, Candace Troyer and Lorrie Judd  signed up

Café Zupas Night – Was November 8th from 4-9pm.  Lorrie received an email from Madi Patane(Community Relations Manager) and our group brought in $350 for Zupas which means that we will receive a check for $70 that will be mailed to the school.  Lorrie took flyers to the district office, Hillcrest High, Union Middle, Copperview Community Ctr, posted it on the Sandy Utah Residents Facebook page, her personal Facebook page and her ward Facebook page.  Josie posted it on the Midvale Residents Facebook page and her personal Facebook page.  This was the lowest dollar amount we have had so far.  We have 3 more nights scheduled for the school year.  Ashley suggested for our Fundraising Nights to have the district put on ParentSquare for the entire district

Fundraiser Nights – Lorrie has contacted Raising Canes and is awaiting their reply.  Josie has contacted Papa Murphy’s and is awaiting their reply.  It was suggested other restaurants: Cafe Rio, Chick-fil-A, Roxberry Juice, Handles Ice Cream, Arby’s, Savers, Mod Pizza and there are many restaurants near Winco.

Uptown Jungle – Ashley will get some coupons and get them to us 

No Fuss Fundraiser (March 4-14th) – Lorrie asked Colleen if she could place the need for donation of New Pajamas on the Nextdoor App.?  Colleen said she will get clarification from Susan and let us know.  We will have a collection bin in Jenna’s office.  We are hoping that maybe Black Friday Sales will be good for pajamas and we will get donations

PTA Board Members 2024-2025 School Year – Josie would like to start finding members who would take over being President, Treasurer and Secretary. 

PTA Involvement – Josie wants to get more parents involved.  A suggestion was to make a flyer to make things more inviting.  Come up with ideas to put out in the community.  We want to make it a community!  Have the current PTA Members write a testimonial, I PTA by …..  Josie wants to have a PTA Binder for each board member position with instructions on what and how to do that position so the next person will know and not have to guess.  Josie said our world is changing, both our Zupas & Skate Night weren’t good.  Our community is changing – we need to change with it.  Ashley is striving to help us out also.  We have families struggling and we can help where we can.  We want to get new families.  Find things that parents can take home and do for the PTA.  Ashley asked if we had Room Mothers and we said No

Volunteer Coordinator – Tanya suggested we have a person who speaks both English & Spanish.  Have sign-up sheets at the beginning of the year with the events we are planning and have parents sign-up saying they will help.  A lot of things are electronic nowadays.  Yazmin says she talks to alot of our Spanish speaking ladies and tells them to come join the PTA but they say they don’t have the time to help.  Colleen said at her last title one school, they had a Volunteer Coordinator and that person told people that we need 45 minutes to an hour.  Tanya suggested, Ask for 3 for Me which is 3 hours throughout the year for their help.  Josie stated being in the PTA is a Great Opportunity to meet other parents and staff.  It will look good on a resume for volunteer hours. 

School Improvement – Quarter 1 – Per Colleen, All students participated in an anonymous survey to provide feedback about their experiences at school.  This survey is administered to students each year in Canyons District. Our results demonstrate positive increases in nearly all areas with many areas exceeding district averages.  We are delighted to share marked improvement in feelings of safety, respect, and student engagement in the learning.  The results have been shared with both staff and parents

Scholastic Dollars – Our current balance is $1,846.98

Next Meeting – Friday, December 8, 2023 at 9am in break room

Meeting Adjourned – 10:00am by Josie

Meeting Notes – Lorrie Judd

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