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Internet Safety Tips for Parents

1) Don’t block all access to technology. Help your child learn to use tech safely and positively.

2) Take an interest in your child’s favorite apps or sites. Co-view or co-create at times.

3) Be the parent. You’re in charge. Set boundaries and consider using filtering software.

4) Create a family media agreement with tech free zones such as cars, bedrooms, and meals.

5) Teach your child what personal information they should not reveal online (YAPPY acronym).

6) Help your child learn to filter information online and navigate fact from fiction.

7) Navigate digital dilemmas with your child. Avoid using devices as rewards or punishments.

8) Balance green time and screen time at home. Focus on basic developmental needs

9) Don’t support your child to sign up for sites with age restrictions (e.g. 13+) if they’re underage.

10) Learn more: Explore reliable resources for parents so you can educate yourself. www.commonsensemedia.org

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