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Copperview Playworks


Coach Young

Hello!  I'm Coach Young and I am the Playworks coach at Copperview Elementary School.  I love being a Playworks coach because I get to get the students here get engaged in active, healthy play. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation Management with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation and a minor in Psychology.  With this education and with prior experience, I am able to teach social-emotional and conflict resolution skills, like Ro Sham Bo, to help solve conflicts on the playground.  At Playworks and at Copperview Elementary, we believe in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid.  We are working hard to help every child feel included and a sense of belonging.

The Playworks Mission: To improve the health and well being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.
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Recess Time: Armed with whistles, hi-5s, balls, cones, jump ropes and enthusiasm, Playworks coaches like Coach Vee come armed with recess armor ready to engage kids in safe inclusive game play. Playworks coaches teach conflict resolution skills, organize games, and have fun. In return the school gains much needed academic time, bullying is reduced, and students are learning much needed core values such as respect, inclusion, and how to create healthy relationships with their peers.


Leadership Development

Coaches build play into leadership through the Playworks Junior Coach program, which is a leadership program for fifth and sixth graders. These students work together to learn team-building techniques, leadership skills and take part being a mentor at recess for their peers.


Class Game Time

Between recess bells, Playworks coaches establish a weekly schedule of class game time activities with every grade, providing an inclusive, consciously cooperative approach to introducing sports and physical activity to children. Kids learn basic sports, playground and cooperative games, as well as lessons on physical health and fitness and principals of violence prevention and safety. Parents if you have time come out and play with us! We would love to have you!


Interscholastic/Developmental Sports Leagues

Playworks builds empathy and teamwork through our interscholastic/developmental sports leagues, which teach students the skills of games like basketball, volleyball and soccer. In many cases, these Playworks leagues provide opportunities that students may not otherwise have. If your child in is in fourth or fifth grade we highly encourage them to join a league or come out and cheer for our league teams.


Calling all Volunteers

Come out and play with Coach Vee and Copperview students! We encourage friends, family and our school community to get involved. For more information please go here: